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"Power Consultancy & Training" is working in the field of technical & managerial training in Egypt and through the rest of the Arab world.

The founder, Eng. Raafat Mandour, who was the Executive Director of PCT, has elected to establish a new company.

Power” will continue to provide training and consultancy services throughout the Arab world in the same distinctive style.

Power” founder, Eng. Raafat, has over 30 years experience in all areas of technical training mainly in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Libya and has traveled extensively in pursuit of acquiring the latest technology in the training field.

Power” is a reflection of the new company’s vision to empower our customers to achieve excellent and maximum performance of their work force.

Our Mission

Power’s mission is to provide training and consulting services to our clients in various areas of human resources development (technical & managerial) to increase their capacity to achieve their objectives with the highest efficiency and lowest possible cost

Our Vision

Power’s vision is simply to keep at the forefront of training and consulting firms in Egypt and the Arab world, by supporting, strengthening and developing our own consultants’ & Instructors’ database. This vision, in turn, will reflect positively on our services to our clients and will enable us to be a reliable partner with them.

Our Approach

Power provides training solutions to our customers through the acquisition of comprehensive database of programs and training courses, in addition to our ability to customize a training program to solve our clients’ specific problems. We offer these programs either at our premises, at the customer's premises, or in hotels and famous tourist sites. Specifically, our approach entails:

• Full understanding of the training arts.

• Effective, fast, and direct communication with our customers all over the world.

• Constant development of our potential through cooperative agreements with practical training centers and other HR centers.

• Pursuit and adoption of most recent developments in the field of training the world over.

• The Implementation of training services anywhere in the world.

• Adoption of standard methods in the implementation of training services.

• Provision of outstanding training services at the lowest possible cost.

Our Team

  • Our Team
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  • Our Team

Power’s true strength lies in our outstanding team; both staff of the company and a group of trainers and consultants recruited from Egyptian universities and institutes. In addition we engage training professionals with long experience in various fields of work.

Our Partners

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  • Our Partner

Power strives to establish partnership and cooperation agreements with specialized training centers in order to take advantage of their distinctive and unique laboratories and workshops

Strategic Objectives

• Building a strong and long term relationship with our customers.

• Achieving the wishes of our customers by providing the best training solutions that help them solve their problems.

• Building a strong company name and earn the trust of our customers.

• Cooperating and partnering with major companies in the Arab world.